Other Services


Dell Autos are able to replace worn out clutches and clutch components with genuine or same quality parts with full manufacturers warranties.

Air Conditioning Specialists

Dell Autos are able to carry out the full range of repairs and maintenance to Air-Con systems. Regassing and service are fully compliant with manufacturers recommendations as well as Environmental Disposal Laws.


Dell Autos are able to supply a complete range of tyres. From a standard budget conscious fitment to a Street-Cred Ultra low profile sports expression. Each tyre includes a new valve and balance. Twice daily deliveries avoid a large stock holding and this is reflected in the very competitive out pricing from Dell Autos.

Dell Autos also has  state of the art four wheel tracking tools to ensure the maximum tyre life from any fitment, and true correction of any tracking or problems.


Dell Autos are able to test any battery for its condition before replacement, and if a new battery is required will test the complete charging system as well.

Catalytic Converters and Exhausts

Dell Autos are able to test your complete exhaust system and its Catalytic Converter for condition and efficiency. If replacement parts are fitted they will be original or same quality parts with full manufacturers warranties, restoring the vehicle to its original performance.

Shock Absorbers and Springs

Dell Autos are able to replace any necessary shock absorbers or springs on your vehicle, using new rubbers and mountings where required, to restore your vehicles ride and comfort levels, using original or same quality parts with full warranties.

Mechanical Repairs

Dell Autos are able to  carry out a full range of repairs to your vehicle. Where necessary we have in place sub-contractors for body repairs and specialist machining. We carry out welding repairs on site. All charges are extremely competitive and clients benefit from our sub-contracts.


Dell Autos are able to carry out diagnostic routines on most popular vehicles, and have a range of computers and software to suit. This allows us to pin point electronic faults and save you money against main-dealer level charges.

Charges for work done

Dell Autos will only carry out work on your vehicle with your expressed consent. This means you will never have any surprise charges, and allows you to defray any work or expenses to suit you.


Dell Autos are able to collect your vehicle from any local address, and return it promptly – subject to arrangement. You can also put you vehicles car keys, contact phone number, and location through our letter box at any time you wish. You can even pay for any work that has been done over the phone with your credit card.